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European Cultural Heritage is the testimony of our common past and the basis of our identity; it enriches the collective memory and makes the future of Europe human and friendly to its population.

The concept of Sustainable Development must be translated in a specific way when dealing with Cultural Heritage. The need is here to develop a “consequence-based approach”, by which any intervention on Cultural Heritage would not do any harm to its future integrity. This approach should consider Cultural Heritage as an endogenous added value element for the promotion and regeneration of territories and cities.

The aim of ECTP Heritage & Regeneration (H&R) Committee is to represent, at European level, the interest of all the stakeholders active in research, development and innovation in Cultural Heritage and Urban Regeneration, with the particular purpose of identifying and implementing the RDI needs of the Construction sector with regards to the conservation, management and promotion of European built heritage as a valuable asset to respond to European socio-economic needs and environmental challenges while preserving the European rich cultural values.

Main research areas of Heritage and Regeneration Committee address to preserve cultural values of our built heritage with an overall perspective, from the materials towards the territories, covering the complete process of cultural heritage preservation.

ECTP Heritage & Regeneration Committee Chair: Isabel Rodriguez-Maribona (TECNALIA)