20.06.2018 | San Sebastian (ES)

ICAE 2018 - VIII International Congress on Architectural Envelops, 20-22 June, San Sebastian (ES)

In this eighth edition of the International Congress on Architectural Envelopes (ICAE 2018) there will be a panel of more than 70 speakers from different disciplines, analyzing the past, present and future of the facades and...[more]

21.06.2018 | Paris (FR)

Brokerage event dedicated to Energy Efficiency, 21 June, Paris (FR)

This brokerage event dedicated to the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Work Programme 2018-2019 (Energy and NMBP challenges) will enable you to attend the following sessions:  Buildings (calls EE & EEB) Industry...[more]

25.06.2018 | Brussels (BE)

1st European conference / BIM and energy performance of buildings, 25 June, Brussels (BE)

The market uptake of BIM (Building Information Modelling) is rapidly growing in nearly all European countries and one can assume that this trend will continue and even accelerate in the coming years.In practice, there was until...[more]

26.06.2018 | Brussels (BE)

Industry, Partnerships - a new impetus, 26 June, Brussels (BE)

The aim of this conference is to : Discuss the role of contractual partnerships with industry in the futureDevelop a clear concept for these European partnerships under the "Horizon Europe" EU Framework Programme for...[more]

27.06.2018 | Aix-Les-Bains (FR)

Sustainable Places 2018, 27-29 June, Aix-Les-Bains (FR)

The 6th annual Sustainable Places (SP) international conference series gathers thought-leaders and sector influencers from leading organizations around the world to advance the state of the arts in science and...[more]