27.06.2018 | Aix-Les-Bains (FR)

The future of energy storage workshop within SP2018, 27 June, Aix-Les-Bains (FR)

"The future of energy storage" workshop will take place on 27 June 2018 from 11:30 to 15:30 (Room 2) within Sustainable Places 2018 in Aix-Les-Bains, France. Energy storage will affect the entire electricity value...[more]

29.06.2018 | Paris (FR)

Energy efficiency of historical buildings: Which role for SMEs and craftsmen?, 29 June, Paris (FR)

The European Builders Confederation (EBC), representing European construction SMEs and craftsmen, organises its 2018 Annual Conference on: “Energy efficiency of historical buildings: which role for SMEs and craftsmen?” on 29 June...[more]

05.07.2018 | Barcelona (ES)

Rethinking healthcare for the future, 5 July, Barcelona (ES)

Don't miss this upcoming half-day symposium and networking lunch on how design and technology can transform healthcare for an ageing population. This is a must-attend event for people working across the health ecosystem...[more]

10.07.2018 | Salerno (IT)

International Conference on Visualisation in Built and Rural Environments, 10-13 July, Salerno (IT)

The rapid development of information technologies, and the extent to which IT and visualization have become pervasive in architecture and construction, mean that processes, methods, theories and key research themes require...[more]

05.09.2018 | Zurich (CH)

Behave 2018, 5-7 September, Zurich (CH)

The 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss problems and measures in the field of behaviours related to end-use energy efficiency...[more]