29.10.2018 | Vienna (AT)

AMANAC thematic workshop @ IndTech 2018, 29 October, Vienna (AT)

In addition to the European conference “INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth”, held in Vienna on next 29-31 October 2018, AMANAC organises a thematic workshop on the 29th October 2018 (afternoon),...[more]

01.11.2018 | Amsterdam (NL)

GEO Design+BIM, 1-2 November, Amsterdam (NL)

GEO Design+BIM is an exclusive platform in Europe that highlights and initiates discussions related to the use of geospatial data analytics and 3D modeling in spatial design, construction, operation and maintenance.  This...[more]

13.11.2018 |

ECTP Conference 2018 - When EU Construction Industry shapes high-tech Sustainable Built Environment, 13-14 November, Brussels (BE)

The 8th ECTP open Conference will take place at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels on November 13-14, 2018. will be dedicated to present and discuss current and anticipated innovation in the built environment field....[more]

15.11.2018 | Brussels (BE)

Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage, 15-16 November, Brussels (BE)

Organised by the European Commission as a key event of 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage will take place on 15-16 November 2018 in Brussels.The event will build on the...[more]

27.11.2018 | Brussels (BE)

Beyond A Tunnel Vision Conference, 27 November, Brussels (BE)

The Beyond A Tunnel Vision conference will challenge old paradigms and move beyond our current, rather narrow tunnel vision on the management and maintenance of these critical infrastructural assets.Over 250 representatives of...[more]