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SMARTSPEND Questionnaire: Analysis of industry’s funding needs

SMARTSPEND is an EU-funded project that aims to find new ways to coordinate and increase investments in clean energy Research & Development.

Many energy technologies are trying to answer similar R&D questions. There may be ways to sequence research in different sectors to increase its impact. An important step towards this goal is to identify the industry's funding needs.

As an important player in clean energy Research and Development, you are invited to reply ASAP by October 15 to this short 10 minutes questionnaire which focuses on your experience and knowledge with different funding mechanisms/programmes/organisations. It includes short multiple-choice and open questions regarding barriers and needs you may have encountered when applying or receiving funding.

The results will feed into a report which will provide an outlook of the industry’s funding needs and will be shared with stakeholders in order to design better funding mechanisms/programmes/organisations.

These questions were created based on consultations within SMARTSPEND's network of partners.

Access the questionnaire at:

Source: SMARTSPEND Consortium