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EC Calls for tenders from DG Energy (deadlines in early September)

Three tenders of the European Commission (DG Energy) have opened in July 2019 and are of particular interest for ECTP members. Please find short presentations below. For full descriptions, click on the links provided. Tender specifications, conditions and templates are available in the "Document Library" tab.
Deadlines are tight, since all tenders close early September. Successful tenders will be selected on a best price-quality ratio basis.

Title: Lessons Learned to Inform Integrated Approaches for the Renovation and Modernisation of the Built Environment
: This study aims to identify lessons that can be learned from existing legislative and non-legislative measures, including the EPBD and related tools (but not limited to them), for supporting the transition to a more sustainable built environment and to actively engaging citizens in achieving the necessary transformation of our building stock to adapt to climate change. In order to support the transition to a more sustainable built environment, it would be valuable to have a better understanding of the potential of buildings policy more generally, and of the EPBD and related enabling measures in particular, to contribute to achieving broader policy objectives. This analysis should be conscious of complementary EU legislation and initiatives touching on buildings and their energy or sustainability aspects.
Deadline: 09/09/2019
Estimated total value (excl. VAT): 320 000 €

Title: Technical assistance for ensuring optimal performance of technical building systems under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
: The objective of this service contract is to provide technical assistance to the European Commission services for the development and dissemination of technical guidelines, aimed to: support an effective establishment and enforcement of technical building system requirements; to support an effective assessment and documentation of system performance, in relation to Article 8(1) of the EPBD and Article 8(9) of the EPBD and; to support an effective technical understanding of BACS capabilities under Article 14(4) and 15(4) of the EPBD, in particular those related to benchmarking.
Deadline: 02/09/2019
Estimated total value (excl. VAT): 275 000 €

Title: Better Data for Better Buildings – Understanding the Role of Big Data
: The subject matter of the contract is to provide support to the European Commission and Member States in gaining a better understanding on:(a) mapping the building-related data state of play within the EU;(b) understanding and presenting the data combinations and analytics of relevance for the built environment already put in place (for instance by leading local authorities); and(c) gaining an insight into possible avenues for further efforts and EU and national level. In the narrower energy performance of building area, this service contracts also aims to further link the EU building stock observatory with national Energy Performance Certificates databases currently available in 26 Member States.
Deadline: 05/09/2019
Estimated total value (excl. VAT): 255 000 €

Source: ECTP Secretariat